Sunday, July 09, 2006


The above betting slip would not have made me a millionaire but I was convinced that the Argentinians were destined to win the World Cup this year. My each way wager on Croatia was merely foolhardy. I must admit I’m looking forward to tonight’s final and confess to a soft spot for both teams. I have a lot of time for Veira, Henry and, especially, Zidane and a second World Cup would be a fitting end to the Frenchman’s career. Italy have probably impressed me the most out of all the teams who contested the knock-out stages. Their two late goals against Germany were sublime and if they can recreate that kind of fast-flowing, attacking zeal tonight, the ageing Bleus will struggle to contain them. In their skipper, Cannavaro, Italy have the player of the tournament; his style and calmness in defence have been nothing less than majestic while his distribution has been wondrous. He rarely wastes a ball.

I think Italy will win this evening reasonably comfortably.

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