Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Chip off the Old Blockley

Although I phoned the venue in Bristol and made enquiries, the Coles did not venture to Bristol on Tuesday for a second helping of Wiyos magic. One can only have too much of a good thing. I truly hope our paths cross once again though. Another review of Sunday’s Calmer* and some links to audio and video clips appear on these esteemed pages.

I get emails from the Scritti Politti organisation and I note that the Gartside fellow will be playing the Birmingham Academy in November, exactly one week after the Sufjan Stevens concert. Verily, my cup doth overflow.

The Coles ventured to IKEA today. After checking-out, a confident middle-aged woman approached me. ‘Are you from Blockley?’ she enquired. ‘Er, no,’ I offered politely in reply. ‘Well, you have a twin who lives there,’ she concluded. This vaguely unsettles me. She obviously doesn’t really know my North Cotswolds doppelganger too well otherwise she would have known it was not he surrounded by flat-packed furniture. What if I had said, ‘Yes’? I want to meet this man.

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