Sunday, June 08, 2008


Behold a tent. The Coles are taking two tents to Glastonbury and the pictured temporary dwelling place is the most recent arrival to our horde of mini marquees. This weekend’s warm weather gave us a chance to erect the blighter ‘out the back’ and a couple of night’s camping has resulted. I shall be spending five nights at Pilton; I intend to leave the shire of Gloucester very, very early on Wednesday morning in order to grab a worthwhile pitch and shall await Mrs and Master Cole who’ll be arriving late on Thursday evening. I am not sure how to feel about spending almost eight-and-forty hours alone at the site; there’ll be plenty to gaze upon I suppose and perhaps some music to appreciate on the day of Thor.

I really am enjoying the latest Paul Weller album, 22 Dreams, although it categorically isn’t the experimental masterpiece some journalists are claiming. Being unaware of some of the fellow’s more recent offerings I am unable to dub it ‘a return to form’ with any credibility but it is certainly a strong set of songs performed with both a folksy understatement and a jazzy swagger. There is nothing especially groundbreaking on show but the, ahem, modfather’s determination to offer a display of eclecticism, a song cycle that veers from acid folk to synthesized noodling, is touching and warming. There will be more challenging listens this year but, to be honest, I’m rather keen to spin the rascal again. I approve and recommend.

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