Sunday, November 23, 2008

I wouldn't spend my life just wishing...

White Lies at Gloucester Guildhall Thursday 20th November

This is a derivative group. This is a derivative group. White Lies provided adequate entertainment for the sizeable collection of hepcats that gathered at the fabled Guildhall last Thursday. The black-clad and much hyped youngsters produced epic songs full of gloom and menace but succeeded mainly in inspiring comments such as, ‘This one is like Joy Division, n’est pas?’ and ‘That sounded rather like Interpol’ and ‘Blimey! Editors!’ Early in their set, the earnest, affable and, on this occasion, prescient S even hinted at a Flock of Seagullsesque sound emanating from the ‘istoric dais. White Lies created a big sound without proffering anything that sent shivers down the ol’ spine. I did enjoy, howe’er, watching quite a raw outfit who may go onto great things. The band only played for half an hour or so, after which, I would suggest they ran out of material. I could be wrong. It was just enough to satisfy this punter. File under both 'Adequate' and 'Promising'.

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