Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Moths Shivered

Here are the twentieth to the eleventh finest long playing records of the past decade (in the opinion of your humble host). As Radiohead crooned – but far too early to qualify for this list – ‘No surprises’. The Top Ten follows soon. Blazin' Squad, Scouting for Girls, Maroon 5, Does It Offend You Yeah? inter alia wait with bated breath.

11. Joan As Police Woman – Real Life
As 15. but wi’ a touch more sass and sizzle.

12. The Go-Betweens – Oceans Apart
A sumptuous farewell from the Antipodean Lennon and McCartney. The final contribution to a most peerless body of work. Dripping with wit and wonder and wisdom and wistfulness.

13. Beck – Modern Guilt
Elegant, breathy, neo-psychedelic ambience. A dazzling and challenging sonic gem.

14. Wilco – A Ghost Is Born
Distortion, nods to Krautrock, euphoria. Vital.

15. Joan as Police Woman – To Survive
Sultry perfection shimmering with coolness and melody and assurance.

16. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend
Unashamedly smart, knowing and cerebral. More hooks than a very, very large cloakroom.

17. Boards of Canada – Geogaddi
Not for the fainthearted. Sinister and dark electronica as far removed from ‘chill-out’ as possible. An uneasy yet compelling listening experience. A disturbing masterpiece.

18. White Stripes – White Blood Cells
The wounded and obtuse cousin of 20. Percussive hammer blows underpinning growling guitars and frenzied vocals. A manic pop thrill.

19. Blur – Think Tank
A bewitching collection. Something original, refreshing and challenging reaching the ears every three and a half seconds.

20. The Strokes – Is This It
Skinny ties, Converse All-Stars, cheekbones, attitude, cool. Perfect pop song following perfect pop song following perfect pop song.


Sweeny said...

I'm hooked! (and a bit embarassed at one or two of the gaps in my own collection.

My money's on DIOYY?

Cole said...

They may be disappointed. Yeah?