Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Two Score Years

It is a touch embarrassing to realise that my last posting was in August albeit at the very end of that fine month.

So, what to report? My 40th birthday was just before Christmas and the landmark was passed with fun and friendship and fine food. I feel no different and have, indeed, utterly forgotten that I am now ‘closer to sixty than twenty’. My birthday bash was at the wonderful CafĂ© Rene, an oasis of good sense in a world of brand names and theme pubs. It was splendid to be surrounded by super people. My Mark E. Smith cake went down a treat and I received more reggae CDs than you could conceivably shake a Camberwell Carrot at. My current favourite is the mighty ‘Best Dressed Chicken in Town’ by Dr. Alimantado, a seventies roots classic. S presented me with The Fall’s Complete Peel Sessions (interesting version of my favourite Fall song L.A.) which I have been dipping into with relish.