Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Devices and Desires

I don’t wish to come across as some grasping and spoilt twit but I must confess that I have had my eye on a couple of new technological things recently.

My MP3 player earphones are the Creative ones that came with the machine and very fine they are too. However, my head has been turned by some new kids on the block, headphones that, verily, are inserted into the ear canal to block out any extraneous noise and make your sounds explode in your brain like aural fireworks from Valhalla. The ones I’ve noticed are made by Sennheiser. They scare me slightly but I must own them soon.

The Coles (plural) are in the market for a decent digital camera as well. Our existing one does the trick but, while fine for ‘snaps’, isn’t quite up to the mark for very clear, detailed, really high quality photographs. We want to upgrade. Tonight I’ve been browsing through Kelkoo and comparing makes and models and, flippin’ cleverly, nipping onto the beautiful pages of Flickr to take a peek at photos taken by the cameras in question. My favourite so far is the Fujifilm Finepix S9500 which looks a solid and upright citizen and is responsible for some charming results. I am open to suggestions though.

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