Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flickr Conspiracy

Gloucester defeated Worcester 33 rugby points to 19 rugby points in a fairly error strewn match in which both sides failed to conjure up a great deal of wit and imagination in attack. Gloucester’s third and final try was a beauty with quick hands and clever incursions from the youngish prince Simpson-Daniel and the yeoman Hazell putting the speedster Bailey clear; however, before that, the city club’s finest moments came in defence with the energetic Richards and the steady Goodridge both conjuring up last ditch and brave tackles that had the 'popular side' (frankly, I've grown tired of the expression 'The Shed') roaring approval.

Google lets me know when someone publishes a weblog featuring Gloucester Rugby so I was able to discover this sweet little posting by someone attending their first ever match at Kingsholm. The author has also taken some fine photographs of Saturday’s proceedings and chucked them onto Flickr. I like the rather idiosyncratic captions. I have chosen my favourite picture and display it above for your delectation. As mentioned a week or so ago, the Coles want a new digital camera and I’d love to take decent photos like the ones by the Kingsholm debutant spectator.

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