Sunday, May 13, 2007

The dull thunder of approximate words

I watched yesterday’s Premiership Final from the sumptuous comfort of S’s sofa with the aforementioned S and the affable K for company. I don’t really buy into the play-off system although am not as hardline as S on the subject. I can’t feel too much disappointment at losing a fairly meaningless fixture and had Gloucester defeated Leicester, I wouldn’t have felt too much elation either. I really miss the old system but, it has to be said, my first years visiting Kingsholm and cheering on the boys were done so when no leagues existed. It is difficult to believe that I once experienced tangible excitement at friendly fixtures but those midweek matches against the likes of Pontypool and Newport were thrilling and somehow meant more. Perhaps it was because I was younger. Anyhow, I’m not going to think about the rugby for a while apart from musing over the pre-season signings. As ever the rumours are fascinating.

I borrowed three CDs from the newly married S yesterday. A brace of Richmond Fontaine long players and one from the folkster Alasdair Roberts adorn my rack and I look forward to hearing them properly although I have already dipped into them. Both acts are playing Green Man so I am keen to revise their back catalogues.

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