Monday, May 14, 2007

Look at my bantam

It took me ages to get through its pages but the effort was worth my while. Snow Falling on Cedars proved an absorbing read and its profound ending offered a shrewd insight into human nature and the dilemmas that permeate one’s life. I was challenged by the passages that dealt with the ‘big issues’ of war and racism but it was the denouement, where a key character is forced into making a decision that carries huge, huge significance for others, that proved the most compelling read.

Frankly, I’ve not been listening to tons of music recently but I’m catching up now. I hadn’t been in the mood. Perhaps I’m being a tad churlish but I don’t think 2007 is proving a vintage year for sounds. Maybe my views will change over the next week or so. I have new albums by Maps, Fountains of Wayne, The Aliens and Bill Callahan to sample. All have been acclaimed critically. I shall report on my acclaim or otherwise soon.

Look at my bantam.

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