Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vim under the sink, and both bars on...

Busy days, busy days. The Coles went to watch their favourite film last Tuesday at that ‘big cinema’ near the docks. Withnail and I was showing as part of the British film season and, having seen it on video more times than I can count, it was refreshing to catch the action on a large screen. The theatre was fullish with numerous loyal Withnail fans who knew the feature backwards and laughed in all the right places and, often, just before a favourite line cropped up.

It was exciting to listen to the radio this afternoon and hear Lesley Vainikolo collect no fewer than five tries for the remarkable Cherry and Whites of Gloucester. A comprehensive victory has propelled the city club to the top of the league but sterner battles approach. However, a bonus point for achieving four touchdowns in the match is welcome especially as the team struggled last term to really ‘put away’ opposition outfits. I’m so glad no Gloucester player was picked to represent England in the World Cup. Viewing the humiliating defeat to South Africa on Friday was akin to witnessing a car crash; I am delighted that none of our proud lads are associated with that ghastly rabble.

Samoa lost to Tonga today so I may as well tear that betting slip up.

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