Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tall, tall, tall, I want to be tall, tall, tall

I have no real excuse for not keeping this thing going but I apologise for my slovenly ways. I have been busy and distracted.

This weekend, in between watching the World Cup Final and the mighty Gloucester lose to a ramshackle London Irish outfit at rugby football union, I have, with my son, been constructing a model Empire State Building that came free with Saturday’s Guardian. Card modelling is not something I’ve ever really attempted before with any glee but, as the top photograph demonstrates, we were both sufficiently overwhelmed with fierce concentration that we failed to notice the picture being taken. It took us eight man hours all together. The finished model is not perfect. A few of the sections veer slightly away from the perpendicular and gluey fingers have made a few marks on the extremities. I’m very pleased with it though and feel a quiet sense of achievement for having kept going when it proved really fiddly and difficult. I wouldn’t mind attempting another similar model and am encouraged to find plenty of websites that deal in the trade of card modelling kits. I prefer the architectural offerings I have noticed (the Brooklyn Bridge proffered by one company is especially fine) and shall endeavour to avoid those packs that celebrate combat and conflict. War is stupid and people are stupid (and love means nothing in some strange quarters).

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