Monday, November 19, 2007

Harold Wilson

The coveted Uprock Narratives and Unknown Pleasures album of the year award is still up for grabs. There is both a shortlist and a front runner but it could all change. A month and a half is a long time in popular music. The world’s music scene holds its breath. It’s my birthday next month and I’m requesting albums that were released this year as presents. There might just be time for one of these long players to oust Artist X from the lofty position he/she/they hold in my affections. Gosh, all this secrecy. For the record, I’m asking for, inter alia, Untrue by Burial, Runout Groove by The Lilac Time, The Bairns by Rachel Unthank and The Winterset, From Here We Go Sublime by Field and And Their Refinement Of Their Decline by Stars of the Lid. I'm naturally giddy with excitement.

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