Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pica Pica

Like a nervous apprentice handling a heady and dangerous elixir, I have treated the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, with utmost care, not playing it to death, choosing my moments to sample it thoughtfully and gradually getting to grips with its multi-layered, multi-textured bewitching bewilderment. I’m getting there now. The reviews have been marvellous and I am thankful to report that there is a tangible link to Kid A, the Oxfordshire beat combo’s most complex and rewarding work. House of Cards reminds this punter of Goin’ Back by The Byrds; this is a good thing. I commend this album to the house.

I admire what the affable A has done on his site. He has lovingly created a dainty compilation of some of his old favourites and rendered said selection available for download. I’m listening to it now with an earnest expression on my face. I consider myself a keen reggae fan but I admit the artist known as Scientist (not his real name I fancy) has always passed me by so I’m glad to have the chance to hear one of his creations and, lo!, it is a bass-heavy delight. Like an evil and calculating pop magpie, I’m keen to do something similar on this site and as soon as I work out how to share music files via the World Weary Web, I’ll post up some tunes and riddims of my own choice. I might call mine ‘Six of the Best’ but I’m not sure yet.

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