Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm in the Moog for Dancin', Romancin'

My current favourite album came free with Mojo this month. Slightly clumsily entitled ok_computer, this 15 track electronica compilation is a stunning collection of non-guitar nuggets. I’d suggest that this selection covers a whole range of bases from ambient and atmospheric lounge electronica to what I might well regard as, well, er, techno. It’s pleasing to listen to some old stuff that had strayed under the radar; I don’t think I’ve heard more than one or two John Foxx tracks over the years and the same could be said of German pioneers Tangerine Dream. Both their offerings here are sublime. I’ve read plenty of fine things about Swedish duo The Knife and the track Silent Shout is a brooding beauty reminiscent of early Aphex Twin and certainly a catalyst for me to investigate more of their work. Frankly, there’s so much gorgeous music on this sampler and if the intention was to turn listeners onto new acts, it has certainly worked. Who needs guitars?

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