Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Single Life

Rugby at Kingsholm beckons. It’ll be exciting on Sunday to witness a match with ‘something on it’. The noble and historic Gloucester club of Gloucester need to defeat Ulster – a whole province – in order to progress to the last eight of the Heineken Cup with, lo!, a home draw guaranteed. I predict an easy victory for the cherry-hued fellows but sterner tests approach. Stay focused lads!

Here’s a pleasant little cryptic quiz for those that admire such events. I purchased from Oxfam for S’s birthday, four seven-inch pop singles as I know he loves his newish gramophone so much. Three singles were bona fide classics and one was a rotten stinker, a nasty art threat and make no mistake. I wrapped said items and annotated them with cryptic clues so that guesses could be made as to the identity of the song. Dear old S was only allowed to keep three of the four records so the pressure was on to select the trio of belters and sniff out the bad egg. Two of the three aforementioned belters were The Back of Love by Echo and the Bunnymen and Up, Up and Away by The Fifth Dimension. Here are the other two clues. Can you solve them and separate the delight from the dross? Clicking on each clue should reveal the answer.

1. Do you want a donkey ride? Do you want a donkey ride?

2. Sounds like a moan after a holiday kiss.

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