Monday, March 24, 2008

Like dolphins can swim...

I am taking a rest, a sabbatical if you will, from the marathon that is working my way through every episode of The Sopranos. I am well into Series Five so there are not loads and loads of episodes left although I sense that plenty of twists and turns remain. Currently, another TV show has captured my imagination, requiring urgent trips to Blockbusters to collect boxed sets to fuel a raging addiction. The series is called Heroes and I am bewitched by a cracking cast of characters and a plot so sharp and thought-provoking that the word ‘genius’ may be warmly whispered. Essentially, a number of ordinary folk discover they possess incredible powers and much of the storyline deals with how a NYPD cop copes with suddenly being able to read the thoughts of those around him and what an Osaka programmer does when he discovers he can both stop and travel through time. Darker and more sinister forces are at large – quelle surprise! – and, without revealing too much, the ‘heroes’ individually find themselves in peril from one of their own. Another key element to the show sees artist Isaac Mendez able to paint clear prophesies of the future (whilst under the influence of heroin…) forcing the main characters to race against time to save others, each other, and, heck, possibly the blinking world itself. I feel I haven’t sold this show too well but it is immensely clever, brilliantly written and contains sufficient depth to keep all hepcats hooting and hollering heartily. I salute.

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