Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Bunch of Posers

This month’s Uncut magazine contains a smashing little free booklet, a pamphlet containing clever quiz after clever quiz about music and film. The Beatles questions are really enjoyable and cunning and here is a brace of belters:

1. What are the two things that money can’t buy according to Beatles lyrics?

2. The Beatles mention three English towns and cities in their lyrics. What are they? Can you also name two American towns and cities they refer to in their songs?

I’ll try and remember to publish the answers soon. One of the English towns appears in the Liverpool beat combo’s best ever (in my humble opinion) popular song. That’s a clue. You can view my list of favourite Beatles songs here if you need to peek. I’d rather you didn’t though.

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Cole said...

OK, here are the answers.

1. Of course, money 'can't buy me love'. We all knew that one straight away. Cast your mind to Sgt. Pepper for the other one. 'Fun is the one thing that money can't buy' according to She's Leaving Home. Oh yeah!

2. Places. Three English cities and towns. The one I issued a clue for is Blackburn. 'Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire ' from A Day in the Life, another Pepper pearl. There are two English cities mentioned in the 1969 Number One smash, Ballad of John and Yoko: Southampton and London... 'Standing in the dock at Southampton
Trying to get to Holland or France.' 'Caught the early plane back to London, Fifty acorns tied in a sack.'

The two American cities were Miami and Tucson. 'Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC' (Back in the USSR) and 'Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona' (Get Back)