Saturday, October 25, 2008


S and I forewent today’s rugby union at Kingsholm, preferring instead a pint-cinema-pint sandwich scenario. We enjoyed a brew at the Guildhall Bar (where members of The Rifles who are playing a concert at the venue tonight were enjoying a wholesome meal) before strutting in to watch The Wackness, a diverting feature set in a sweltering 1994 New York. This was a film about young love, drugs and hop-hip and, historically, the first ‘movie’ I have viewed while wearing subscription spectacles. The soundtrack was a toe-tapping joy and Ben Kingsley played Ben Kingsley admirably. Our mini lost weekend concluded with a daring trip to the oft-neglected drinking den, The Imperial in Gloucester’s fabled Northgate Street. We survived.


Anonymous said...

Are these glasses being paid for on a monthly basis then? Cheers, M

Cole said...

A superb play on the word 'subscription'. Hurrah.


Cole said...

Blimey...I meant prescription. Idiot!