Sunday, January 04, 2009

Frost and Fire

I continue to favour rugby union’s Gloucester club and am thrilled to report a fine yet close victory against the Saracens outfit. A packed and frosty Kingsholm witnessed an exciting match which the home side emphatically deserved to win. Doggedness and dubious refereeing decisions kept the visitors in touch although I suggest that the team in cherry could have proved a tad more clinical at times and used a more thoughtful kicking game to pin back those clad in noir. These eyes mist wistfully over when considering the marvellous performance of our hooking behemoth Azam who is playing out of his blinkin’ skin at the moment. The French stalwart was a man possessed yesterday, seeking contact with abrasive intent again and again, making yard after yard and proving an absolute thorn in his rivals’ collective side. This punter lost count of the times the Gallic warlord collected ball as first receiver; my word, he wanted action and sought it with a frenzy that proved both exhilaring and, I confess, a touch frightening. Elsewhere, the boy Morgan enjoyed another fine day at the office and did everything beautifully including being in the right place at the right time to elegantly canter over for a well-taken try that sent the popular side into raptures. Michael ‘Mike’ Tindall is in fine, fine form at the moment; he seems to be breaking more tackles and making more yards than at any other time in his shortish Gloucester career. I also note young Narraway’s growing contributions and value to the side. This is a very vocal fellow and I appreciate the efforts he makes to encourage his team-mates at any opportunity. We need his type.

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