Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Flight of the Conchords returns to a grateful nation’s television sets this evening. The first season of this comedic feast wowed the three oldest Coles. The charming Bret and Jermaine, a pair of down-at-heel folkies from New Zealand trying to make it in a frantic New York, provided hoots of merriment with their comical antics and, in particular, fabulously crafted songs.

I am keen to share my favourite moments from Series One. The Pet Shop Boys pastiche, Inner City Pressure, is a blast. The pronunciation of the word ‘expanding’ was worth last year’s license fee alone. Bowie in Space is an affectionate homage to the Thin White Duke with gloriously over the top impersonations of the glam rock pioneer. Spoof Gallic chanson Foux Da Fa Fa is a blissful treat mixing third form French with a cheeky melody avec Yé-Yé girls bouncing about zealously in an exuberant sixties style. I salute this act and hope the next series (and HBO which produces Flight of the Conchords enjoys a high success rate) lives up to our expectations.


TubaBoy said...

Yes big fan of Series One - in reviews and interviews it sounds as if those first episodes were crafted round the already impeccably observed musical numbers. Possibly a little vice versa this season - episode one wasn't up to the high standards of S1, but hoping it "gets it's stride". Still head and shoulders above any other TV "comedy" of recent months.

Cole said...

Wise words, H. I think you're right about Series Two/Episode One actually although it was pretty fine in places. The finishing number with B and J in heaven wasn't great, was it? Fingers crossed eh? What part of NYC was it filmed in? The Bronx? It doesn't look like any of the swanky streets I marched around last month.