Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Slight Hitch

It’s surprisingly rare for me to sit down and watch a feature film in this family house, despite subscribing to or having access to countless movie channels that the nice Mr Branson benevolently proffers me. I do leave the home fairly often for some big screen kicks, usually at Gloucester’s Guildhall, but a lack of time and an often disappointing selection means I rarely attempt to view a motion picture on the Coles’ televisual equipment. I aim to change this over the next few days. I’m excited by Sky Movie Classics' decision to broadcast a season of Alfred Hitchcock talkies and have effervescently V-plussed (apologies for that appalling expression) several that have either passed me by or that I saw so long ago that another view is overdue. I’m going to fill my celluloid boots with Marnie, The Birds, Vertigo, Spellbound and Rear Window methinks. I might watch Strangers on a Train once more although I’ve seen and admired this feature on numerous occasions. I might give Psycho a miss; it’s a wonderfully tense and thrilling narrative (especially after the famed set piece known fondly as the ‘shower scene’ has finished) but I could probably quote large tracts of the 1960 classic having watched it many times and only fairly recently too. Ditto North by Northwest.

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