Sunday, June 07, 2009

We're out of mints, pass the lifesavers

I think June could prove a slow month on here. I have lots of other stuff that needs doing and I’d feel guilty sneaking on here instead. July and, certainly, August should be jam-packed with news and jollity. Apologies in advance.

I’m off to a brace of sell-out shows at Gloucester’s remarkable Guildhall this week. On Wednesday, the Coles are setting forth purposefully to see Master Peter Doherty, while on Thursday I’ll be attending a recital provided by the veteran indie hipsters, Athlete. Can I be lazy and write my reviews now? Pete Doherty will be surprisingly coherent, charming and I’ll be heartened by the number of dainty tunes he produces for a tolerant and engaging crowd. His wit will win me over causing me to re-examine his back catalogue and I’ll nod at him on the way out. Athlete will be a tad grumpy and steer away from their ‘hits’. There will be no nodding. On both occasions I’ll be wearing sneakers and looking vaguely rueful.

The finest use of the xylophone in popular music can be found on the song Gone Daddy Gone from The Violent Femmes’ eponymous debut. This is currently my favourite album. Blister in the Sun is as rockingly jaunty an opening track on a long player as one can hope for, although it has been overplayed a touch in recent months due to its appearance in this commercial.

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