Sunday, June 14, 2009

The world's growing old

Another one bites the dust. I’m struggling to mentally list all the head coaches that have plotted and planned on behalf of the Gloucester club of Gloucester over the past few decades. Did Richard Hill immediately follow the murky figure of Barrie Corless or did, as I reckon, the no-nonsense Viv Woolley enjoy a brief tenure in the buck-stops-here hot seat? No matter. Another one has, as the ghastly Mercury once expostulated, masticated the proverbial fine powdery stuff. Dean Ryan has departed the Kingsholm organisation and, to be frank, I am relieved. The past season proved unsatisfactory and hard going. The tactics and the play seemed turgid and unimpressive with too much respect given to the now vilified experimental law variations with not enough worshipping at the altars marked ‘entertainment’ and ‘expressionism’. In latter months I sensed a lack of determination and will-to-win from certain members of the squad, a situation I partially blame Ryan for. Too much faith in certain underperforming players meant that the fifteen struggled as a result. I would argue that the unreliable and inconsistent young outside-half, Lamb, should not have been given another year at the club while the disastrous and embarrassing Barkley should not have been signed in the first place. Bryan Redpath replaces Ryan and I wish the affable Scot well. I sense his man-management skills will be welcomed by the fascinating blend of experienced old pros and wet behind the ear nippers that comprise the first team squad. This punter notes indications that Redpath’s ideas and innovations as backs coach may have been smothered by the more pragmatic Ryan over the past year or so. I hope that the new fellow is able to conjure up some remarkable play from the likes of the young prince Simpson-Daniel, the heir apparent Trinder, the earnest and noble Morgan and company. And I wish that the shirt, the famed stripes mean more for those wearing them. I apologise for barking on and on about the chap but the lack of pride in the evocative cherry and white colours shown by the foolish Barkley was a disgrace last term and I never want to witness a repeat of such sulky ridiculousness. I wish Redpath the best o' British and salute him warmly.

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