Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The Fall at Bristol Academy, Monday 20th March

S and I agreed that the heady days when we would look forward to Fall concerts like five-year-olds for Christmas are long gone. However, we insist on paying our dues at least once a year and recently have been rewarded with some belting performances from Smith and his marvellous combo. On Monday evening The Fall made art again. No prisoners were taken. A short set flew by, a matter-of-fact exposure of The Fall’s strengths: angular and riff-laden pieces, loud, powerful, controlled and underpinned by relentless and rigid riddims. There were no encores. The audience was left wanting more and I welcome and respect that refusal to play the system. I’m now too old in the tooth to shout ‘more’. The curve appears to be up for the group. Last year and the year before they played the smaller Bristol Bierkeller – which does actually suit their sound more – but the larger Academy and a decent sized crowd indicate a growing or returning following has cottoned or recottoned onto this band’s mighty might. This remains a cool group. This remains a cool group.

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