Sunday, March 25, 2007

Manners Maketh Man

I experienced a moral dilemma today in Sainsbury’s. I had my headphones pushed in as close to the brain as is medically possible and was really banging out Jonny Greenwood is the Controller, a sumptuous collection of reggae riddims that I wrote about here. It sounded fabulous. However, in the pasta sauces section, I spotted an old school colleague – with wife – approaching. Normally I would have said hello, and, as I had spotted this fellow at the rugby yesterday, would have discussed the game and swapped opinions about the state of the noble city club. I must confess that today I kept the phones in the skull, smiled, winked and muttered a brief, ‘How do’, hoping I wasn’t shouting too much. At the time, I felt the wink was an act of genius, a cheeky gesture that somehow excused my lack of chitter-chat. Six hours later, I am slightly lamenting my lack of grace and guiltily reappraising my lack of manners. Popular music had defeated the basics of society and community. It is a cracking album though.

Gloucester defeated the Falcons of Newcastle yesterday by 24 points to 18. It was a slightly anti-climactic event really. The rugby seemed a bit flat as my favoured team missed too many tackles and was forced to rely on individual acts of wit and skill to create its tries. The visitors’ backs, a real who’s who of young English talent, carved the Cherry and Whites up again and again while their forward pack, supposedly a weak link, fronted up strongly and were a match for the more exalted home eight. Our victory was fortuitous and Newcastle probably deserved more than a losing bonus point. They were the best team I’ve seen visit the famed old stadium all season.

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Anonymous said...

I think your comments on yesterdays game sum up the feelings of most of glaws fans that appreciate rugby from both sides. What I would like to add is the fact that the two breaks that Lamb made where dare I say un-coachable absolutely brilliant taking in the fact that the Newcastle coaching set up had covered most of Glaws attacking ploys ie the way they interchanged their defensive patterns should be videoed for future coaches at all levels. The time they got it wrong was instictavily read by Ryan Lamb (watch his first break,just pure class)