Saturday, March 24, 2007

Other Blindside Flankers of Note

I am disappointed that none of the squad have canvassed me personally in order to receive my vote, but today I have selected my Gloucester player (and young player) of the season. Ironically, it is the forward who has achieved the seemingly unachievable and wrested the six shirt from the mighty Jake Boer that has won the Cole nod of approval. The hastily scribbled nomenclature ‘Peter Buxton’ adorns my slip as a reward for week after week of honest endeavour and unfashionable pushing, carrying and defending. Every Ryan Lamb dummy, every sprint for the line by the young prince owes something to the unrelenting and often unnoticed grafting by the honest yeoman they call 'Bucko'. In today’s press Dean Ryan used a superb word to describe Jake Boer’s standing within the historic sport of rugby football union: credibility. Peter Buxton has credibility in spades too. I warmly salute his efforts this season. Hurrah.

The other players I considered were Christian Califano for his immense efforts in tight and loose, Marco Bortolami for his charismatic leadership, fine play and canny understanding of what the marvellous city club is all about and requires from its forwards, Andrew Hazell for another series of high quality performances in the back row and Rory Lawson for hard work and commitment and skill.

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