Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Disppointment

One of my favourite websites closed down today. I suppose the Kingsholm Chronicle had been limping along for a year or so now and the once thriving guestbook was being used less and less. However, I always maintained a real soft spot for the site, especially in the glory days when the affable and sharp Steve Hawker organised the content with tangible style. In those days, the KC appeared to be full of fabulous articles and features and statistics and it was always a pleasure to log on and check out the latest offerings. This sounds appallingly pompous but the online community back then seemed more mature, erudite and cerebral; I salute the fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry owns a PC nowadays but it doesn’t lead to more reasoned and knowledgeable debate alas. I shall miss the Chronicle. In recent times I’ve enjoyed the Fantasy Rugby and Guess the Score competitions; Tim Holder’s reports have been well worth a read and I’ve really appreciated Alex’s efforts and loyalty to the cause. I bid the old place the fondest of farewells.

Here’s a bit of Kingsholm Chronicle trivia for those who might value it. Steve Hawker based the early look of the KC on another website he was linked with, the unofficial Deep Purple pages, The Highway Star. Can you see what I mean?

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