Sunday, August 05, 2007

Houses in Motion

My word, I love the new album by LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver. I’ve unashamedly played it to death over the past week or so. I purchased it for a crisp five pound note in Associated Diaries and Farm Stores Ltd. – a brilliant bargain. It’s a funky little beast, awash with pulsating electronic beats and riddims and some of the exhilarating numbers make one want to dance a little (in the kitchen) and even whoop occasionally. It certainly is a marvellous long player. The closest comparisons I can contemplate are Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order for its electronic splendid splendour and Talking Heads’ Remain in Light for the strutting and fascinating rhythmic resonance that permeates the whole effort. I salute this recording and effortlessly recommend it to all hepcats.

It is now less than one of those fortnight things until the Green Man Festival. I note that A is ‘biggin’ up’ an act that is appearing on the Sunday and I glad that his revision for the event seems to be progressing satisfactorily. This morning I practised putting the tent up in the rear garden and I may (or may not) slumber in it this very night. I’ve photographed it so that S can gaze upon it and realise that it’s a floral item that might raise the occasional eyebrow in the fields of Brecon. I’d rather experience his antipathy towards my flowery and pastel-hued mini-marquee now than when we arrive at the site and start putting the blighter up.

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