Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On the Links

I’ve tidied up the links on this site’s right hand panel. It needed doing. I’ve pruned a few links and added a few current favourites. I have also added quite a few more blogs to the extent that I’ve now split these sites into those that deal with MP3s and those that are more prose based. If you have a spare hour, you might like to trawl though the MP3 blogs. There are some absolute nuggets to be had there; plenty of punters have ‘zipped’ some classic old albums which are there for the taking. Last night I bagged a copy of 1968’s Nancy & Lee (by N. Sinatra and L. Hazlewood) and the Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab soundtrack to the cult vampire/soft porn cult flick Vampyros Lesbos.

I ventured to the supermarket an hour ago to pick up some necessary items (toilet rolls, Ritz crackers, fruit juice etc.) for the weekend’s festival frolics. By my good fortune, a Gloucester rugby legend queued behind me at the checkout although I didn’t engage the fellow in conversation. It was nippy back row athlete Paul Ashmead who loaded his goods onto the conveyor belt of oblivion directly after me. I always felt Ashmead underachieved a tad during his Gloucester career; his early performances in the famed shirt were energetic, creative and no-nonsense and I tipped the chap for international honours. A brief internet search tells me that Ashmead occupied the blindside flank during Mike Teague’s farewell performance against a Harlequins outfit that included a retiring (in one sense) Brian Moore. If I am correct, a certain Philip Bradley Thomas Greening made his league debut that day. It all seems a terribly long time ago.

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