Sunday, December 02, 2007

And I was looking for some friends of mine...

It can’t be December already, can it?

I would never admit to knowing what I’m getting for my birthday the weekend after next as this would imply that I have surreptitiously gazed at emails informing other family members of impending deliveries from Amazon. I’d never do that. So, it must be extra sensory perception that informs me that the second Burial album, Untrue, is wrapped and ready to be bestowed upon my grateful self. I’m playing the debut Burial album, eponymously named forsooth, a great deal at the moment in order to prepare for this eventuality and it is a bewitchingly lugubrious and atmospheric product. This appeals. Electronic and dub-heavy riddimic soundscapes proffer dark and mournful insights into urban melancholia that are compelling and challenging in equal measure. The track titles – Night Bus, Broken Home, U Hurt Me, Gutted – add to the murky ambience and the occasional haunting vocal helps create e’en more tension. It’s a marvellous recording, full of layers and texture and I’d suggest that’s the kind of album Boards of Canada would create if they resided in a bleak inner London rather than the bucolic splendour of the Scottish wilds.

I don’t know a great deal about Burial, the person. He is famously secretive and I am sure that not even close friends of his are aware that he is even producing music. I’m fairly certain that there are no official videos of his work but a creative being has posted the sultry tones of Gutted on Youtube over a clip from the wondrous Eraserhead. Pump up da volume.

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