Friday, December 21, 2007

Concert-ed Efforts

I’m heartened to learn that a couple of acts shall be appearing at Gloucester’s Guildhall early next year. I know little about neither Art Brut nor Young Knives but it reassuring to note that ‘name’ bands are choosing to frequent the Eastgate Street venue. I know one fellow who raves about Art Brut and I value his opinion. I also telephoned the jovial M in his North Yorkshire abode last evening as I am aware of his admiration for the Young Knives. His advice was to ‘go see’ and I shall take it. There was a stunning rumour on the go during this month’s Acoustica that a very, very, very big act might be playing the Hall of the Guild in 2008. And I don’t mean Travis. Although they are playing there too.

I tapped eight album titles into a secret Word document earlier. The shortlist for this site’s Album of the Year is complete and I shall be posting the results very soon. I do like’s Top 50. There are plenty of fine recordings in the fifty and, possibly, several of the Uprock Narritives and Unknown Pleasures shortlist.

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