Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Discovery Channel

He’s a bit of a scamp at updating it regularly and numerous punters seem to be logging on just to mock his photograph, but I do admire Alexis Petridis’s weblog. This posting lavishes praise on the wonderful BBC 6Music show, The Freak Zone, but importantly hints at other aural delights available to those hepcats tuning into a variety of radio stations that exist away from the humdrum. As a result, in a Damascun style, I have been awakened to the enchanting and esoteric world of Resonance FM. The station’s brief is to ‘provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting’ and from what I’ve heard, it succeeds bountifully. Last night’s ‘Clear Spot’ show was a mix of splendid numbers, some poppier than others, interspersed with wry and pithy reflections distributed to the dudes in a deadpan and droll delivery. ‘Twas quaint. I’m now listening to a fairly experimental show called, I believe, Wavelength, that has, thus far, featured records being deliberately played at the wrong speed, some improvised jamming involving electric violin and flute and some poetry inspired by Morse code. There simply isn’t enough of this kind of thing on Severn Sound methinks. Unless you live within a 5km radius of London Bridge you can’t find the magic of Resonance FM (endorsed by The Guardian) by twisting the knob on a traditional wireless but this unique and unconventional station is easily available through the internet.

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