Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three Shipped Discs

It is halfway through February and I am yet to own a 2008 CD recording. Until Saturday that is. Or maybe Monday. It depends on the British postal system. I’ve made a bolt for it and frantically logged onto Amazon, debit card in paw, in order to purchase a trio of promising long players. It would be plain daft to proffer the readership of these august pages any meaningful review of said items as they, no doubt, remain languishing in some suburban warehouse unheard by these tender ears. However, with nine or twelve urgent and vaguely impatient clicks of the fingers, I have summoned the new one by British Sea Power, and debuts by Vampire Weekend and School of Language. School of Language is ‘im out of Field Music, a collective I admire. I shall report back.

Talking of future frolics, I have registered the married Coles plus eldest child (now ostensibly a 'youth') for Glastonbury Festival tickets. I am aware that this guarantees precisely nothing but with three computers on the go here and fairly decent broadband speeds at our disposal, I should hope for a clinically planned operation on the morning the tickets go on sale and, with a bit of luck, a trio of permits.

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