Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Gloucester twinned with Altamont...."

Gloucester Guildhall is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in some style. A host of fairly decent acts are lined up to play the smashing and homely venue. I’m especially looking forward to smartly dressed art-rockers Young Knives in a month or two’s time and am heartened to learn that Icicle Worker, Ian McNabb will be headlining an Acoustica in April. Last Thursday, Art Brut came to town. I rather like this band. Their Fall-styled riffing appeals and complements some wry lyrical content which is half-sang, half-uttered, er Fall-style, by the charismatic (and slightly overweight) Eddie Argos. The band knows how to put on a good show. An energetic set saw Argos emerge into the crowd on several occasions, interact with ‘da kids’ heartily, and produce the proverbial 110%. Importantly, the songs were mighty fine. I only know the first album, Bang Bang Rock and Roll, which is packed with minor masterpieces full of acerbic wit and catchy tunes and many of these numbers were belted out with gusto at the Hall of Guilds. An almighty fistfight broke out amongst the aforementioned kids which put a bit of a dampener on proceedings and a good deal of human blood on the fabled sprung floor. I hope Eliza Carthy doesn’t have to witness such nasty pugilism when she plays the venue in May. I salute Argos for his Altamont comment (see title) although I’m sure it would have been lost on those loutish pumpions intent on punching. Fisticuffs aside, I enjoyed the evening; Art Brut lack a bit of depth I suppose, but what they aspire to do, they do well. I recommend them.

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