Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A bit folky close-up...

Last year’s grey skies and muddy walkways have obviously been erased from the Cole memory as I have booked up to visit the Green Man Festival again this August. The dude known as ‘S’ shall be joining me. Despite the weather, Green Man proved a very special weekend and I’m hoping that bluer skies will help this summer’s event be a smashing success. The full line-up is to be announced on May Day but several acts already booked catch this eye merrily. I’m playing the three albums by The National to death at the moment and this act’s sombre yet reflective numbers continue to hit the spot. They are appearing and I rejoice. The School of Language’s off kilter avant-pop shall prove a highlight methinks while I welcome both the quirky melodic antics of Super Fury Animals and the low fidelity magnificence of Iron and Wine. The acclaimed Richard Thompson ticks the box annotated ‘Legend’ but I am sure further treats and surprises await.

Look above for a 2007 Green Man memory. The photograph is entitled ' View from my Tent'. S's back can be spotted in the distance.

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