Saturday, April 19, 2008

Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts.

The young prince has claimed my vote for this year’s ‘Player of the Season’ award, presented to the Gloucester player deemed most irreplaceable, irresistible and, excuse the Jamaican, irie by supporters. James Simpson-Daniel has remained fairly injury free this season and has never failed to capture this punter’s imagination game on game. His performances have never been less than wholehearted and full to the brim of commitment and dedication, while his craft, his creativity, his composure with ball in paw continue to catch the eye. I am yet to see the youthful fellow perform poorly in the famed colours and, this season, his imagination, style, pace and skill have consistently set him apart from his peers and opponents. I salute him.

Young Jack Forster’s name is fluently inked in on my voting slip as ‘Young Player of the Season’. The adolescent powerhouse has not managed too many games for the first fifteen but, when called upon, has demonstrated maturity in spades and a belligerence and fortitude in ‘the tight’ that older and more experienced players would gaze upon with a soupcon of jealousy. To paraphrase Senator Palpatine (pictured) in Star Wars Episode 1: We’ll be watching his rugby career with great interest.

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