Friday, December 05, 2008

Unto the sweet bird's throat

Calmer* was tidy last evening. Always a sucker for the end of year lists, I had noted that Pete Greenwood’s long player, Sirens, had been adjudged by Uncut to be the 40-somethingth best album of 2008 so I was keen to see and hear the fellow in a live forum. He was most decent. His guitar picking was complex and haunting, leading to a few fairly obvious Nick Drake comparisons but I enjoyed his work for other reasons. Hushed and sultry tones delivered maudlin tales and I appreciated his slightly downbeat, world weary subject matter. Greenwood wasn’t the headliner though. Mary Hampton’s crystal clear voice proved a beautiful instrument and, accompanied by tender plucking, soared majestically throughout the snug lil venue. I thought she was marvellous. Earlier, Men Diamler was Men Diamler and I ask no more of this favoured troubadour.

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