Thursday, August 27, 2009

Put on your headphones before you explode

My brief sojourn to our nation’s capital has drawn to a close. The main purpose of the visit was to attend Wilco’s concert at Limehouse’s exotic and classy Troxy. Essentially, the combo played a similar albeit a touch longer set to the one proffered to the Green Man hordes. It was nice to be seated. The admirable D (who took the charming top photo on his mobile telephone) had procured balcony seats and the view of Tweedy (celebrating his birthday wi’ fervour) and his able cohorts was merry and clear. Having eulogised this group during my last but one posting it would prove a tad dull to repeat my acknowledgements. My favourite Wilco song, Jesus Etc. sounded glorious and I do appreciate the newer material. No hint of sullenness could be detected upon my exultant comrade D’s face but I know he was crying out for an Ashes of American Flags. Maybe next time. I didn’t buy a hat afterwards.

Earlier that day (Tuesday) I trotted on my Jack Jones (as the Cockneys bark rather gracelessly on the city’s streets) to a new place for me, the Imperial War Museum. I found this a remarkable building, full of fascinating exhibits and tremendously moving subjects. Importantly, war didn’t seem to be glorified in the museum’s rooms but merely reported with intelligence, sensitivity and insight. The holocaust exhibition was especially poignant and told the history of this gruesome period simply and with an arresting clarity. I enjoyed the look at the Cold War and the wealth of material examining the two World Wars was overwhelming. I found the personal tales from the Home Front really touching. This is a superb museum and I recommend it.

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