Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turf Wars

It was touch and go this year but I’m giving that lot over in Kingsholm Village another chance. I purchased my 23rd (I think) season ticket an hour ago; this product permits me entry to the home football (rugby union code, verily) matches contested by the Gloucester club of Gloucester this term and I look forward to using it wisely. Last season left a bitter taste in this mouth – as growled elsewhere – but I’m hoping the canny and charismatic coaching Celt, Brian Redpath can instil some pride in the ‘istoric shirt and allow the players to display their expressionistic sides more often. As ever, I look forward to witnessing the prowess of new players. Young Dave Attwood of Bristol, a lock forward, is my tip to make an unexpected impact on the first team this season. From what I have read, he’s the sort of hungry, talented athlete we require at the noble club. No superstars here please. The classy Nicky Robinson should run things with erudition and a wry wit from the outside half berth; the side kept faith with the skilled but ultimately unsatisfactory Lamb for too long and it’ll merry to witness a proven playmaker at work. And could young Henry Trinder’s star rise this year? Shrewder judges than me consider him to possess similar magical skills to the young prince, Simpson-Daniel. We shall see. I think Gloucester will do well this year, better than many guides and gurus have predicted. Leicester appear to be the leading club still but my local outfit sits defiantly amid several that could challenge for honours with a fair wind and a coquettish wink from Lady Luck. I salute the Gloucester players. Good luck, fellows. Don't let me down again.

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