Thursday, August 13, 2009

There is a view that reaches far where we see the universe; I see the fire, I see the end

I took my girls to Gloucester Cathedral this afternoon for a tour of the tall tower. We climbed 269 narrow steps going up and 269 coming down again but ‘twas worth it. On the way up our guide showed us the belfry and we were only a yard or two from the twelve cathedral bells as they struck to announce the third hour post meridian. Eventually we emerged at the very highest point of the historic building and appreciated splendid views. On a clear day one is supposed to be able to see for forty miles and it was bright and sunny today so it was a tremendous vista. Naturally most landmarks were easy to spot although we ambitiously tried to find our house (from which we can see the cathedral) but were thwarted. It is a fine way to spend an hour or so and I recommend the whole tower tour scene. The Whispering Gallery at Gloucester Cathedral is pleasing too.

I took the above photographs earlier. As ever, clicking on the pictures will make them grow and become mighty. Here are captions looking from top to bottom.

1. A kestrel’s view of the nave

2. The famed rugby union stadium at Kingsholm. And a UFO.

3. The top

4. A view from below

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