Friday, June 03, 2005

Music and Drinking

I supped a quiet and pleasant pint or four last night with the noble S. Before we set out we exchanged music discs for each other’s delectation and today I have been sampling plenty of new sounds. The Robert Wyatt CDs are treats; the man is a national treasure and his recordings demonstrate a kind of Englishness, modest yet good-humoured and left of centre, that I respect and admire. I have also enjoyed acquainting myself with Bark Psychosis and Six Organs of Admittance, two acts that are busting with ideas and fuse intelligent electronica with subtle melodies and interesting soundscapes. I enjoyed reading that Bark Psychosis make ‘easy listening for uneasy people’, a charming description of their art. My world is better for all this music. I have worked rather hard today and these artists have formed a pleasing backdrop to my efforts. I still have plenty to look forward to. The Stereolab boxed set will prove a delightful challenge and I have D’s copy of Slint’s Spiderland to get into as well.

I enjoyed last night’s drink. For perhaps the first time in our friendship, S and I discussed the process of buying a house. It was a tad unsettling but I suppose we are both in our late thirties now and sensible things like that are what fellows of our advanced age are supposed to chew over. It also transpired that we each played R.E.M.’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi last week, both for the first time in quite a few years. Spooky. We agreed that it remains a fine if unspectacular album. We finished the evening with a lamb kebab (S) and a bag of chips (me).