Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Roots Rock Reggae

In the car I’ve got a cracking tape on the go. Side One is Sons of Thunder by Doctor Alimantado, classic roots reggae, very uplifting, really bass heavy with loads of soaring melodies. The other side is a Lee Perry compilation and I think it is called ‘The Best of…’ Again, bags of bass but a tad more invention and more of a hint of the unusual from ‘Scratch’. These riddims on the way to work kick off my day splendidly.

On the subject of reggae there are some wonderful John Peel Session tracks by Misty in Roots available here. I popped by the M.I.R. site to see if they were playing locally soon. I must keep a close eye on the reggae gig scene; the Burning Spear gig of three years ago still brings back memories of a wonderful evening and I fancy more of the same.