Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm not happy

I guess one could say that the current state of the city club leaves me at a rather low ebb and, for the first time in many years, I’m not eagerly anticipating purchasing my season ticket. Concepts such as integrity and trust and credibility seem pretty thin on the ground right now and the last thing I ever appreciate is being taken for a fool. A good deal of my disquiet stems from the workings of Tom Walkinshaw from the dismantling of the Powergen Cup and League double winning side to the re-signing of the liability Azam on a huge salary to the scapegoating of Melville after a rotten season run on the cheap to the cancelling of the new stand. It all leaves me embarrassed at best. My trust and well-being will be partly – only partly, mind -  restored with the employment of a go-ahead Director of Rugby (not the surly and third rate Dean Ryan) and the recruitment of a superb lock and a fabulous full back. I would also favour a new hard as nails prop to support Vickery and Collazo and a try-hungry winger. The blurb that arrived with my season ticket form announced that the stand was postponed so that things could be put right on the pitch. Sadly, I don’t believe this for a minute but a few more ambitious signings on and off the park would help change my mind and suggest that the club I’ve supported since a lad isn’t the shoestring outfit run by lickspittles (thanks George Galloway) and paupers that I reckon it might be.