Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Time for bed

All five Coles headed to The Guildhall tonight for a private showing of The Magic Roundabout. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be private but we were the only people in the quaint old cinema that still needs new seats. The film was dull, unfunny, confused and a million miles away from the genius of Eric Thompson and his leftfield yet understated voiceovers of my childhood.

I watched the last hour of the soccer international between England and Colombia on our return and I was pleased to see Michael Owen snatch a cleverly taken hat trick and place himself fourth in the list of all-time England goal scorers behind Greaves, Lineker and Charlton. I actually fancy our chances in next summer’s World Cup. We have so many world class centre backs, very fine full backs, a fabulous midfield and, in Rooney and Owen, surely the strongest pair of strikers in world football. The team is settled too. All we need is a top keeper. I’m afraid neither Robinson nor James inspire too much confidence.