Monday, May 23, 2005


I have mentally entered a bunker in order to stop reading too much about the situation at Gloucester RFC. I have gradually become more and more pained about the leaving of Melville and hope that the decision wasn’t too rash. I think the man deserved a season with a bit more ‘wedge’ behind him to help build a challenging team. My opinion of Tom Walkinshaw is rather low right now. I simply don’t trust the bloke and feel he could be damaging the club. The business with the grandstand was especially embarrassing.

Naturally rumours are plentiful regarding the reasons why Melville left and a few names are being mentioned as potential successors, including Sir Clive Woodward. Woodward would certainly attract ‘names’ to the club but he is used to employing a large backroom team and I don’t think we have sufficient readies to back his needs. We do have a chaplain of course. There’s a start. Frankly, I don’t believe Sir Clive will ever pitch up at Kingsholm. My money remains on Kevin Putt or, maybe, John Kirwan. I just hope we sort things out speedily. Other clubs seem to be recruiting at some pace and I worry that we may be missing out on key signings. I reckon all this business has put the transfer of Big Bob Casey at risk.