Monday, May 30, 2005

Chance meetings

The Coles have spent this afternoon visiting the Woodcraft Folk camp at a farm near Withington, greeting our Hungarian friends and all the other Woodcrafters. It was a chilled out place with few rules and plenty of contentment. I approved. After a five minute stroll though fields and copses we reached our car, loaded up and drove slowly out of the farmyard. A middle-aged woman watched us pull off and as we passed she peered into our vehicle and flashed us a lovely, charming smile and waved in the most friendly of manners. She had no real reason to act with such a kind spirit but it was firmly appreciated. It was Jilly Cooper.


I bought Demon Days by Gorillaz earlier and I’m playing it now. I rate anything Damon Albarn does and this album has certainly garnished wondrous reviews. The Guardian states that, first impressions could not be more wrong. Demon Days goes boldly against the current trend for brash immediacy and instead repays time and effort on the part of the listener. Songs that at first sound half-finished, reveal themselves merely to be subtle.’ I ask for nothing more from the music I listen to.


I’m meeting S for a pint later this week and he is bringing goodies. I look forward to sampling his Stereolab boxed set and his Fall Complete Peel sessions set too. I’ve got so much new stuff to appreciate right now but, like a drug, I crave more and more sounds to dig.