Monday, May 02, 2005

A snake in the grass

A nasty migraine – the second this week – has dampened the Bank Holiday euphoria but a good night’s sleep should serve me well. Like London buses, one doesn’t suffer for a while but then two come along in close succession.

I began to ail walking across fields on the way back to the car from Belas Knap, a superbly preserved long barrow set in marvellous and beautiful countryside near Winchcombe. Belas Knap is over 4500 years old and a place of mystery and wonder. The Coles marvelled at a startling find by a dry stoned wall just a metre or two from the burial chamber. For the first time in my life I witnessed an adder in the wild basking in the late spring sunshine. It was a remarkable sight and one that certainly made the pulse race just a little more quickly.

The rugby season is almost over. This coming Sunday we need to defeat Newcastle Falcons to qualify for a Wildcard Final against either Saracens or Worcester who play off on the Friday night. I fancy us to beat Newcastle. I was reasonably contented with our form on Saturday and I’m confident the city’s young guns like Morgan and Wood will enjoy a crack at a Twickenham final, albeit not the one we would have desired at the start of the season. I hope Saracens defeat Worcester later this week. Worcester are a form team and may prove too strong for Gloucester as things stand now.