Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It’s Go-Betweens week on these pages. Last evening’s Brighton set list is up on the worldwide web and I note that most of the new album will be played as well as some old classics. The Holy Trinity of Spring Rain, Cattle and Cane and Bye Bye Pride gets an airing. Hurrah!

My new Creative Zen MP3 player is on order – well, I’ve asked a chum who is going to be in the States at the weekend to buy me one. I’ll be able to store roughly 8000 tracks on the blighter – about 750 albums worth I guess. I’ll start by loading my favourites and then widen my horizons. There’s so much new stuff – a bit of jazz, some world music, more reggae - I want to get into and learn about and this device will give me more time to listen to sounds. I’d anticipate taking it to work, listening in the car and during free time.