Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In la Brisa de la Palma a teenage Rasputin takes the sting from a gin

My word, the new Go-Betweens’ album Oceans Apart is a beautiful work of art. As I pen this I’m enjoying its multi-layered cleverness and tender charms and subtle melodies. It really is rather special. I love so many things about this combo. Robert Forster’s lyrics always bring a wistful smile to this grateful punter; it’s the ‘way he tells ‘em’ too, the laconic delivery, a posh Australian accent, I guess I’d call it, adds a lot to the enjoyment of the songs. I really like Darlinghurst Nights, a song about the discovery of an old notebook that evokes the lofty ambitions of youth. The Statue is my other favourite right now, a soaring melody and thoughtful, uplifting words from the McCartney to the acerbic Forster’s Lennon, the more poppy and optimistic Grant McLennan. I'm glad I own this recording. It remains - an historical note here - possibly the only album I've ever bought in Stroud.